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Keef, Chuck

Barton, Scott Welding
Blansett, Kristy History
Bourque, Emily English III
Brown, Barbara Science
Burdick, Steve Band & Fine Arts
Carpenter, Doug Math
Carter, Misti Exceptional Education
Chilton, Ansley Exceptional Education
Chubb, Tristan Personal Finance
Ellis, Randy Math
Ellis-Ashburn, Hope CTE
Harmon, Brandon Physical Education
Harmon, Hannah Exceptional Education
Kirkpatrick, Randy English
Kirkpatrick, Shannon Business Technology
Kostenko, Nataliya Spanish I A,Spanish I B, Spanish II
Lund, Sally
Mathis, Joey Physical Education
McCurry, Jamie Math Department
Minton, Rob Science
Moore, David Paint and Body
Paulsen, John Bible History
Peardon, Kelli Health Science Technology
Perry, Cameron Counselor
Phillips, Kristen Science
Richards, Larry Machining
Simmons, Heather History
Smith, Susan Math Department Head
Strain, Karen Science
West, Bob Math
Wilson, Michelle Family and Consumer Science
Yates, Alexandria English

Bennett, Donna CDC
Dawson, Molly Cafeteria
Evans, Susannah Cafeteria
Harper, Deanna Library Assistant
Hicks, Sandy Cafeteria
Lee, Yonja Cafeteria
Moore, Natalie Special Education Assistant
Nunley, Jewell Bookkeeper
Phillips, Kelly CDC
Phillips, Kim Secretary
Phillips, Ryan Basketball
Tankersley, Royce Cafeteria Manager
Warren, Carol Cafeteria
Young, Jimett CDC