A student parking lot will be provided to all students who choose to drive to school. To be eligible, the student must possess a valid Tennessee Driver's License, have proof of insurance and drive a vehicle that is properly registered. 

In order to streamline the permit purchasing process, an online application form is available. STUDENTS MUST BE SIGNED INTO YOUR MARIONCOUNTYHIGH.ORG GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO REGISTER. Students/guardians are asked to complete this online application so that we can have the necessary information readily available at the time of purchase. We will schedule a day and time for a drive through permit purchasing process where students can pick up their parking pass and make payment.

Students are asked to refer to the Parking Lot Diagram available online to help decide their preferred space. Once a space is chosen, click on the check box associated with that space. The parking space will turn purple indicating that the space is taken. Parking is on a first come - first serve basis. If a parking space is already colored purple, this means that the space is unavailable. There will be a question in the Parking Permit Application asking for your chosen space.

Students must read the Parking Regulations found at the link above prior to reserving their space.

Parking permits will cost $20 for the year.