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We hope that everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer break. Below are some important dates for you to remember as we begin the 2024-2025 school year.


July 22  8:00-11:00  Senior Parking and Locker Rental

July 22  5:00  Senior Orientation in the gym.

July 23  8:00-11:00  Junior Parking and Locker Rental

July 23  5:00  Sophomore and Junior Orientation in the gym.

July 24  8:00-11:00  Sophomore Parking and Locker Rental

July 25  5:00  Freshman Orientation in the gym.


August 5  8:00am  Registration for any student who did not attend orientation.


August 7  8:00am  First full day for students.


The Mission of Marion County High School is to provide quality education in a supportive learning environment that will prepare all students for college and careers.


Marion County High School is dedicated to providing all students the opportunities to become responsible citizens. Students are supported and nurtured in the transition from eighth grade to high school. Students and parents will learn how student attendance relates to future success. By increasing graduation rates and creating a supportive learning environment, all students can achieve the maximum potential.

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Graduation Cap

Graduation details released.

Tue May 14 11:16 AM

April Renewal
TennCare Renewal

Do you need to renew?

Thu Apr 13 11:03 AM

Covid 19
COVID-19 Awareness & Vaccination Event

Free primary shots and booster shots available.

Fri Jan 27 10:45 AM

UT Nursing Survey
Immunization Survey

The University of Tennessee Department of Nursing is conducting a survey to develop an understanding of why there is a decline in the number of immunizations in recent years.

Tue Jan 24 04:24 PM

Student Arrival / Dismissal Information

Morning Arrival: (7:00 – 8:00)

All students should be dropped off in front of the school at the flag pole. Students will enter the building and proceed to the Cafeteria. All students who drive should enter the building through the rear entrance to the Cafeteria. Students will remain in the Cafeteria until released at 7:45.

Students who are dropped off after 8:00 am will enter through the main door of the building. Students that drive who arrive after 8:00 am will enter through the rear hallway next to the Cafeteria. There will be an electronic lock with a camera door bell so that office personnel can “buzz” the students in. All students arriving after 8:00 am must report to the office to sign in.


Afternoon Dismissal: (2:55 and 3:05)

At 2:55 pm, all 1st bus riders, drivers, and athletes with workouts/practice will be released.

At 3:05 pm, 2nd bus riders, parent pick-up, and students who walk will be released.

Parents should pick their student up in the front of the school. There will be two lanes of traffic coming through by the bus stop awning. Please do not block the lane closest to the bus stop as this lane is for buses only. If the pick-up lane is full, we ask that you wait in the gravel parking lot beside the softball field.


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